Editor, Sensitivity/Diversity Reader, & Ghostwriter

I am a voracious reader turned editor, ghostwriter, and sensitivity/diversity reader with a passion for not only honing my own craft, but also helping other writers polish and perfect their work. My services are crafted with a reader’s preferences, a writer’s autonomy, and an editor’s expertise in mind. I work directly with authors to ensure that their voice and message is not lost, only made sharper, clearer, and more eloquent. As an editor and a sensitivity/diversity reader, I seek to bridge the gap between what’s in a writer’s mind, and the message which the reader or viewer will ultimately receive.

I have accumulated over 10 years of experience in editing manuscripts for non-fiction, screenplays, short stories, and novels in genres ranging from middle grade coming-of-age, to young adult dystopia, to adult science fiction. I enjoy reading an eclectic mix of material, and working with a variety of diverse individuals in order to help make writers’ messages resonate. In the past 3 years, I have worked with many intelligent, witty, informative, and thought-provoking people who have a great book inside of them, but lack the time or skills to write it via ghostwriting and bringing their ideas to life on the page!



I provide basic proofreading, as well as copy and line editing. For proofreading, I would correct any grammar, spelling, and syntax errors. During a proofread, I would give the material 3 read-throughs to correct any such issues which might exist. 

With the copy and line editing, proofreading services would be included, as well as correction of run-on sentences, pointing out redundancies or areas where dialogue and/or prose can be tightened, highlighting tonal shifts or unclear writing structure/voice, pinpointing areas which need elaboration, and any other internal inconsistencies. During a copy and line edit, I would give the material 3 read-throughs, as well as keep an open line of communication with the writer during and for up to 2 weeks after the close of my contract in order to discuss any changes which I have made or am considering making to the material.

Sensitivity/Diversity Reading

A sensitivity/diversity reader is a subset of beta reading. But rather than just give an author feedback regarding the marketability and my personal opinion of their book, I also draw their attention to areas, themes, events, and/or characters in their writing which may be insensitive or offensive to a particular marginalized or oppressed group or community. The real world is filled with beautifully diverse cultures, communities, and ethnic groups, and it’s simply impossible for any one person to have first-hand, lived experiences in all of them. This is where sensitivity/diversity readers come in. We use our own lived experiences to lend our perspective to writers, and do our best to help them see and prevent any unintentional offense. Each sensitivity/diversity reader has different areas of understanding and sensitivity based on their own identities and/or lived experiences.

Editing Rates

Standard Proofreading:

$0.0090 per word (3-week turnaround)
$0.0095 per word (1 to 2-week turnaround)

Copy Editing and Line Editing:

$0.010 per word (4-week turnaround)
$0.015 per word (3-week turnaround; for material up to 200K words)
$0.020 per word (2-week turnaround; for material up to 150K words)

Sensitivity/Diversity Reading Rates

$0.0050 per word (3-week turnaround)
$0.0055 per word (2-week turnaround)
$0.0060 per word (1-week turnaround)

Ghostwriting Rates

$0.10 per word (6-8 week turnaround; up to 40K words)
$0.15 per word (2-4 week turnaround; up to 40K words)
$0.20 per word (8-10 week turnaround; up to 80K words)
$0.25 per word (6-8 week turnaround; up to 80K words)
Rates quoted are for books, novels, and novellas, with a 3,500 word minimum. Please contact for other material, or larger projects.

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